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Ship Management
Ship Management

Ship Management

Veritas knows that ship management is an essential element among the main service branches in Shipping / Logistics services and so has added its expertise in ship management to its international trade network as well.

It is critical that the vessel management reports of the finalized and expected data of the performing vessel on prepared in a timely and regular basis. In this way, it allows decision makers to increase the quality of sea transport services by accessing visible, countable data instantly.

The data consisting of precise and estimated reports provided by Veritas also allows decision maker to keep unexpected potential costs of the vessel under control. Thus Veritas has made the maritime knowledge gained over the years become ready to serve in this direction.  Besides, Veritas manages and obeys the safe navigation of the vessel with its expert staff.

Basic Ship Management Service details are shown in below:

  • Vessel Finance Data Management
  • Estimated / Final Vessel Voyage calculations
  • Daily vessel consumptions data reports
  • Monthly cost / income data reports
  • Vessel Monthly Maintanance Reports
  • Weekly vessel supply list and maintanence reports
  • Crewing / Crew Management reports 
  • Final D/A reports 


Veritas International Forwarding was founded in Istanbul in January of 2010 by two adventurer logistics pro as the managing partners and their dream have been supported by the team mates who are also well experienced logistics experts.