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Carrier Capacity Management

The Veritas Carrier Sourcing Team ensures that we can adapt to customers changing demands through negotiated carrier agreements that secure us a guaranteed base capacity and provide flexibility for scaling.

Base capacity

Veritas secures capacity under Blocked Space Agreements (BSA) for air cargo and Minimum Quantity Commitments (MQC) for ocean cargo to ensure we always have a steady base of capacity to work with.

Seasonal capacity

Market knowledge ensures we are adaptable to rapidly changing demands, especially at certain periods like peak season, quarter end, etc. Veritas often must source extra capacity at short notice. For this reason, we established a Carrier Sourcing Team with an aggressive sourcing strategy to ensure year-round availability and support.

Tailored solutions

In addition to pre-allocated space, Veritas can offer tailored services on an ad-hoc basis with carriers to specific requirements. The ability to readily procure additional capacity assists with contingency planning and helps manage transit times and optimize efficiency even during the most challenging of times.


Veritas International Forwarding was founded in Istanbul in January of 2010 by two adventurer logistics pro as the managing partners and their dream have been supported by the team mates who are also well experienced logistics experts.